Our next event will be held at Saint Samson on Friday 27th April
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Welcome to our brand new website thanks to Michael Doyle and The Spectrum IFA Group, we hope you like it.

The Celtic Golf Society has existed in various forms and organised by several ex pats for almost 10 years.  It began life in Callac with Gary Mull at the helm.  Later Rick Boon, Dave Pullar and Owen Cake ran things and it was once known as the Celtic Swingers, until the connotations were explained.

Today we boast over 60 members and play at various courses across Brittany at least 6 times a year.  Our members are male and female, British and French with handicaps from 3 to 36.  We have excellent prize sponsorship from Spectrum IFA and the Wine and Beer Supermarket at Roscoff. More sponsors are coming in and merchandise is being planned.

The management team is currently headed by Mick Howell, retired ex pat originally from Hertfordshire.  Mick took on reviving the ailing Society with the help of a team of like-minded players who also wanted to see a more sociable Society evolve.  The result has been a huge success with more members joining and partners now attending events for the social side and dining.   Mick’s wife Pat also helps with collecting money on the day and translation when needed.

Malc Kinzett has lived in various parts of France for 25 years and now leads on course liaison.  Originally from west London, Malc secures the excellent deals that are now the hallmark of the fun days we enjoy.  Discounted packages including a post-match meal and whatever other treats can be negotiated is now the norm.  Tina Kinzett has also become our photographer and lead on the partner programme.

Ray Kings is our handicaps manager and together with Jim Clark sorts the scores and prize recipients on the day.  Our handicap system is designed to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of taking home a prize.  Ray is a retired fire officer from Hereford and Worcester and Jim a former RAF navigator and air traffic controller from the home of the Wombles.  Both now live in central Brittany.

As an inclusive Society many of our members and partners have pitched in to help in various ways, at courses, with sponsorship and now with this website.  Long may that continue.